The heat outdoors and indoors is building, and you cannot wait for the swift relief that the air conditioner provides. You head to the thermostat, turn the system on and nothing happens! The first thought in your head is likely to be, “Why won’t my air conditioner turn on?” Our AC repair technicians at Blair’s Air Conditioning & Heating have answers for you.

Troubleshooting the Air Conditioning System

With all the various electronic and mechanical components that belong to the air conditioning system, any number of things can go wrong. While only an expert heating and cooling service technician can pinpoint the exact problem, there are some troubleshooting steps you might consider taking before calling for assistance.

  • Check to be sure that the thermostat is set to the cool function.
  • Make sure the temperature setting on the thermostat is lower than the current indoor temperature.
  • Check whether the circuit breaker for the air conditioner has been put in the ‘off’ position. If so, reset it.
  • Check whether the air conditioning system is plugged in. If it is, verify that the outlet is working.
  • Check the cords and tubing that lead from the outdoor unit into the house. A rodent or another animal may have damaged the cords.
  • Look at the outdoor unit’s power switch and verify that it is in the ‘on’ position.

What To Do When the Air Conditioner Doesn’t Work

If the air conditioner still won’t turn on, it is time to call for professional assistance. Trying to fix a central air conditioning system yourself could result in more damage to the equipment or injury to you. Experienced AC repair technicians have diagnostic equipment and skills to quickly find the source of the problem. In many cases, repairs can be made using equipment and supplies that are already stocked in the service vehicle. If a more extensive repair is needed, most replacement parts are in stock at the company warehouse.

Preventing Future Air Conditioning Problems

Once the air conditioner is fixed, the last thing you will want to deal with is a new problem. Many air conditioning problems can be prevented with air conditioner maintenance. An annual tune-up and inspection of the system will detect potential issues such as equipment that is showing signs of wear or deterioration. This type of service can prevent any further unexpected and unwelcome air conditioning malfunctions.

Today’s homes are built so tightly sealed that the only way to achieve and maintain indoor comfort is with a central air conditioning system. When the system suddenly stops working, the house can heat up in just a short amount of time. When your Palm Harbor, FL, air conditioning system isn’t working properly, give us a call any time.