Air conditioners provide relief from the heat and humidity of the summer months and are essential to the indoor comfort level of any home. A problem with the air conditioner’s compressor affects the functioning of the entire unit, typically resulting in no cool air reaching the interior of the home. Our heating and cooling service technicians at Blair’s Air Conditioning & Heating explain how you can troubleshoot AC problems and what you should do to prevent compressor problems from occurring in the first place.

How to Troubleshoot AC Problems

If you suspect a problem with the compressor, these troubleshooting steps might help you find the source of the issue.

  • Make sure the compressor has power.
  • Check around the compressor unit for blockages such as yard debris.
  • Look to see whether the compressor’s fan is spinning. A broken fan motor or bent fan blade can cause the compressor to malfunction.
  • Check the copper tubing that comes out of the compressor. The large line should be cool and wet to the touch while the smaller line should be warm to the touch.
  • Check the air conditioner’s air filter. If it is dirty and filled with debris, take it out and clean it or replace it with a new filter.
  • If there is a little bit of cool air coming into the rooms through the duct work, the unit might be low on coolant. An HVAC service technician can check the coolant level and recharge it if necessary.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

The most cost effective way to prevent compressor problems is to schedule regular air conditioner maintenance. The air conditioner should have a scheduled maintenance and tune-up each spring before the system is needed to cool the home. During a maintenance visit, the HVAC service technician will check the coolant level, all electrical and mechanical components and clean and lubricate the system. If needed, the technician can also replace the air filter during your air conditioner maintenance service visit.

Air Conditioner Repairs

When you suspect a problem with the compressor of your air conditioning system, we perform AC repairs to get the unit back in working order. Our AC repair specialists work on all makes and models of air conditioning systems. We are able to quickly troubleshoot and identify the source of the compressor problem and are usually able to repair it all in the same visit to your home.

Call Blair’s Air Conditioning & Heating for your home comfort needs in Palm Harbor, FL. From air conditioner maintenance to AC repairs and installations, our skilled team gets the job done. We offer genuine factory authorized compressor replacements so that your air conditioning system will be cooling your home quickly and efficiently.