10 Tips for Easy Holiday Hosting

10 tips for easy holiday hosting

Holiday hosting doesn’t have to mean endless hours of preparation. Discover a new favorite holiday tradition with one of the following 10 tips or adapt one to create your own.

#1 Co-host with a friend and split the cleaning, planning and expenses. It’s a win-win!

#2 Invite guests to bring their specialty side or dessert. Offer a pair of tickets to a local theater as the prize for the best dish.

#3 Keep your cleaning light by scheduling the party right after weekly housekeeping services. If you must DIY clean, check out these holiday cleaning tricks.

#4 Leave the menu planning to professionals and have your event catered by your favorite restaurant or a local market. No need to get fancy or spend a lot of money; local supermarkets often provide pre-cooked entrees for less than a catering company would charge.

#5 Many people are already juggling a month full of evening holiday parties. Instead of competing with everyone else, host a brunch or appetizers-only party.

#6 Have guests bring gifts for a White Elephant Exchange. Don’t forget to offer a worthy prize!

#7 Seek out high-quality plasticware. It still looks good, but cleanup is easier. Better yet, check out what holiday-themed plates and glassware local thrift or dollar stores have to offer. Mismatched plates and glasses seem eclectic and fun. Decorate inexpensive wine glasses that guests can use and take home as a party favor.

#8  Hire professionals like a DJ or face painter to help entertain guests. For large parties, consider enlisting a neighborhood teenager or young adult to valet cars.

#9 Use a professional event coordinator so you can enjoy the festivities, too! If you enjoy planning parties, reach out to friends who might need your help. Give them a discount on your services in exchange for referrals.

#10 Don’t let your guests get blown away with an HVAC system that needs repair. Blair’s Air Conditioning & Heating offers 24-hour service with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed on all services and products.