10 Tips for Restoring Historic Houses

10 Tips for Restoring Historic Houses

Most U.S. historic houses have valued of cultural history, which the federal, state and local governments seek to maintain through restoration and preservation. People invest in historic houses for private use or general public use. Restoration can be very expensive and requires experienced contractors to preserve the original structural design and materials. Here are 10 tips for restoring historic houses in Pinellas County and the South Tampa area.

1. Review the guidelines provided by the National Historic Preservation Act for possible funding.

2. Ensure the historical house is at least 50 years old and it has significance in Florida’s history and culture.

3. Seek knowledge and advice from contractors, architects, and/or historians about the house requiring restoration.

4. Determine the usage of the historical property, private or public use for possible federal, state, or local government funding.

5. If possible, attend workshops pertaining to preservation and restoration of historic houses in Florida.

6. Follow the preservation standards according to the Secretary of the Interior’s for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

7. Identify architectural repairs on the original characteristics of the historical house and try to restore interior designs, materials and décor.

8. Perform research on the local historical district of South Tampa.

9. Learn the rules, regulations and restrictions of restoring historic houses for owners.

10. Consult with a reputable HVAC service provider for suggestions on quality air conditioning and heating units.