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Bad AC Compressor Symptoms

How to Tell If AC Compressor Is Bad

The Importance of AC Compressors If you want your HVAC system to work efficiently, all of its specific parts must function properly. Air conditioning compressors are certainly no exception. So, what function does your AC compressor serve, exactly? Compressors are responsible for heat-transfer functions that bring the cooled and conditioned air into the various rooms Read more…

User Error: Don't Make These 5 Thermostat Mistakes

User Error: Don’t Make These 4 Thermostat Mistakes

Properly regulating your central heating and cooling system isn’t always as simple as just knowing which button sets the temperature. And unfortunately, simple thermostat mistakes can quickly add up to higher energy bills each month. If you think you may not be using your home’s thermostat to its highest energy-saving potential, Blair’s Air is here Read more…