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how long should ac run to cool house

How Long Should My AC Run to Cool the House?

Admit it: The air conditioner is one of your favorite things about your home. Chances are that it’s also one of the preferred features for everyone in your family. Even if you don’t actively think about it, when push comes to shove, you realize that, hey, it’s true! How Long Should It Take for the Read more…

ac smells musty

AC Smells Musty

Arriving home from work is probably one of your favorite parts of the day. Walking into a home that smells like mold, though, is a reason to put a damper on your evening. Before you start worrying that there may be structural damage to your home, consider that the smell might be coming from the Read more…

how to troubleshoot an ac fan motor

How to Troubleshoot an AC Fan Motor

Being a homeowner comes with a long list of responsibilities. One of the major ones is making sure that the air conditioner is working optimally. However, constantly taking care of its many parts can get expensive. Is there anything you can do to keep costs down? What if the AC fan motor fails? Is there Read more…