3 Common Problems With Commercial AC Systems


Commercial properties require properly functioning and well-maintained utilities, including HVAC systems. There are many things that can go wrong with a commercial property, and few of them are as potentially disastrous as problems with the AC system. Uncontrolled temperatures can drive customers away and affect the productivity of employees. Here are some common commercial HVAC issues that require the expert assistance of the Blair’s Air Conditioning and Heating team of technicians.

3 Common Problems With Commercial AC Systems

#1 Finicky Thermostats

The job of the thermostat is to sense and regulate the internal temperatures of buildings. When this critical piece of technology ceases to work, it can cause all kinds of problems for the people inside the facility. Inconsistent temperatures are one symptom of a thermostat issue. However, thermostat sensors in commercial buildings are often more complex than those in residential systems. A skilled and experienced HVAC technician has the tools and knowledge to quickly solve this problem.

#2 Inoperative Compressor Units

The commercial AC compressor is a large unit that is often located on the roof of the facility. The job of this component is to compress the gases used to cool the interior of the structure. When this unit fails to work properly, the people inside the building will immediately notice a lack of cold air. Unfortunately, these units are much too large and complicated for the layperson to tackle. This is another case for the commercial HVAC technician.

#3 Refrigerant Problems

Closely related to the compressor is the refrigerant used by the cooling system. The refrigerant is the chemical that removes heat from the air, and, unfortunately, this liquid or gas can sometimes leak. Because of refrigerant toxicity levels, an HVAC expert should be consulted immediately for any issues involving this hazardous chemical.

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