3 Reasons You Should Keep Your AC Drain Line Clean

3 Reasons You Should Keep Your AC's Drain Line Clean

Some homeowners make the mistake of ignoring the various parts that comprise their overall HVAC system. The drain line is a vital component to the effective operation of your HVAC, and having a clog can cause major problems down the road that could have been easily avoided. Here are three important reasons you should maintain and clean your home’s AC drain line.

#1 Prevent AC System Breakdowns

As a Florida home or business owner, a broken AC will do you now good. Having an efficient and operating air conditioner is a major part of how we stay cool and comfortable throughout the year. A clogged drain line can potentially shut your entire HVAC system down, and will require costly repairs. Prevent potential breakdowns by scheduling routine maintenance to ensure your system continues to operate at peak performance. Avoid the stress and discomfort a malfunctioning air conditioner brings you and your loved ones.

#2 Avoid Unnecessary AC Repair Expenses

According to homeadvisor.com, it costs an average of $318 to repair a broken-down air conditioner. However, repair expenses were reported to reach as high as $900. By keeping your condensate drain lines clean and clear of obstructions, you will save enormously in repair expenses or potential replacement costs.

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#3 Protect Your Indoor Air Quality

Contaminants and pollutants such as mold, bacteria and mildew frequently grow inside dirty drain lines. These unwanted visitors flow through your home’s vents, contaminating the air circulating throughout your home. This can impact the quality of your indoor air and ultimately pose some serious health hazards to you and the people living in your household.

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