3 Simple Steps to Fall in Love With Your Air Conditioning

3 Simple Steps to Falling in Love With Your HVAC

It’s easy to develop a love-hate relationship with your HVAC as you watch energy bills mount, especially during heavy seasonal use of your system. If you feel like your system is not producing good results, those costs can be even more burdensome because of the impact on your indoor environment. However, there are several ways to improve the operation of your equipment as well as the atmosphere of your home. With Valentine’s Day approaching, take a minute to see how you can easily fall in love with your HVAC system.

#1 Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that individuals spend an estimated 90 percent of their time indoors. Ultimately, this means we are exposed to indoor pollutants on an ongoing basis. Because many air quality issues can be traced to common household products, many people do not even realize that such pollutants are an issue.

Fortunately, small efforts can be made to improve your home’s IAQ. Consider updating your ventilation system and installing an air purifier to reduce or remove such irritants and make your home more conducive to good health.

#2 Improve Your Energy Efficiency and Cut Costs

In Florida, approximately 86 percent of homes are outfitted with central cooling systems, and nearly one-third of the average energy budget is spent on air conditioning. By improving your efficiency levels, you will quickly realize important savings.

You can begin with an updated thermostat to ensure that your temperature settings are optimized based on your comfort preferences and local weather trends. As the time approaches when you need an entire system replacement, look for models with high-efficiency ratings. Advancements in energy-efficient models can save you approximately 20 percent in annual energy costs.

#3 Show Your AC Some Love With Preventive Maintenance

Preventive care is one of the most important factors affecting the performance of your HVAC equipment in terms of both efficiency levels and indoor air quality. The system’s various moving parts are prone to wear and tear, and this can affect the overall efficiency of your unit. Additionally, a clear path for airflow is important for both efficiency and optimum air quality. This means regular filter changes are crucial if you want to achieve peak performance levels.

For homeowners, scheduling professional HVAC maintenance is the most effective method of ensuring peak performance and prolonging your system’s lifespan. Regular cleaning and inspection will guarantee optimum efficiency for as long as possible.

Call Blair’s Air for Quality Air Conditioning Repairs and Service

As you evaluate the performance of your HVAC equipment, a professional opinion can be extremely helpful. The technicians at Blair’s Air are available for your maintenance needs, and are happy to assist as you consider equipment solutions for replacing an aging system or alternatives to improve your home’s air supply. Falling in love with your home’s HVAC system is only a phone call away. Contact Blair’s Air Conditioning and Heating to learn more, or schedule service online to get started.