4 Mistakes That Can Void Your AC’s Warranty

4 Mistakes That Can Void Your ACs Warranty

Do you know all of the ways you could mistakenly void your AC’s warranty? Blair’s Air technicians are the HVAC experts of Tampa Bay so we want you to be aware of the common mistakes that we see homeowners make to jeopardize their system warranties.

#1: Improper Installation

Always be sure to hire a licensed and experienced HVAC company to install your heating and cooling systems. If the technician or company does not have experience and your system is oversized for the space, the wrong type of system, or placed in a bad location then the manufacturer will not honor your warranty. Blair’s Air is known in Tampa Bay to install AC system’s right the first time. With each of our installations, our technicians take your home’s specific design into consideration to make sure your new HVAC system runs smoothly and efficiently from the start, saving you time and money. Our whole-home approach to comfort ensures our customers stay happy, which makes us happy.

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#2: Forgetting to Register Warranty

Once your air conditioning system is installed, be sure to register your warranty. Failing to do so results in that warranty being void when you need it. Many manufacturers allow you to register your AC system’s warranty online, while others must be mailed in by a certain date.

#3: Lack of Regular Maintenance or Records

Regular preventative maintenance performed on your heating and cooling system will allow it to run most efficiently. Your system’s lifespan will be significantly longer with regular maintenance as well. Just be sure to keep all records of maintenance and repairs as they will be needed to prove you have been following the guidelines of the warranty! Typical manufacturer’s warranties will only cover major parts, that means that if lack of regular maintenance caused a system breakdown it can void your warranty.

Moral of the story: be sure to change your air filter each month, and call Blair’s Air to schedule preventative AC maintenance!

#4: Improper Repairs

Even with regular preventative maintenance, sometimes AC repair is needed. Don’t risk voiding your AC’s warranty by repairing your system with improper parts. Be sure to read your warranty carefully to find which parts are approved by your manufacturer.

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Don’t void your AC’s warranty with one of these easy mistakes! Call the trusted Tampa Bay HVAC experts at Blair’s Air for all of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair needs.