How to Preserve Indoor Air Quality When Remodeling

How to Preserve Indoor Air Quality When Remodeling

About to start remodeling your home? Don’t forget to consider the changes that may affect your indoor air quality. While most contractors make efforts to prevent as much added dust and chemicals as possible, you should also ensure that you have clean air to breathe throughout the process. Learn some of the key ways to preserve the quality of your air while your house is being remodeled.

1. Be Proactive

Begin planning ahead early to prevent most, if not all, of the problems before they begin. Take control of every detail and don’t wait to find out what you need to know. Explore where your problem areas might be when the remodel begins so you can forewarn your contractor. Although you should leave some of the more technical issues to the professionals, you should continue to be the leader in your home during the entirety of the project. After all, you will have to live with the indoor air quality after it’s all over, not your contractor.

2. Educate Yourself about Pollutants

Know what you’ll be facing and you can prevent many potential problems from occurring. Many allergens and pollutants can have adverse symptoms like a burning throat, dizziness, or eye irritations. Even some of the simplest construction projects can cause problems. Materials like drywall, cement, and sawdust can unleash harmful substances. Without a plan in place, your indoor air quality could diminish dramatically.

3. Find a Contractor Who Practices “Clean” Remodeling

Most of the experienced and educated contractors today are improving business practices by minimizing indoor air pollution occurred during projects. By improving techniques, using modern tools and common sense, contractors can have a significant impact on the process and on optimizing livability during a remodel. For example, many contractors now use a tool that controls and collects airborne dust before it has a chance to circulate. Interview several contractors and ask them about their ability to sustain interior air quality.

4. Make a Livability Plan

Create a “livability plan” to ensure your control as much as possible. Keeping your family out of danger is as simple as being prepared. You wouldn’t go on a trip without a map, so don’t begin this trip without one. Make a priority checklist to discuss with potential contractors. Some great questions to ask include: How long will the project take? What steps will you take to help ensure that internal air quality remains at or above normal? What days and times will the workers be in the home?

Other ways you can be prepared include sealing off areas of the home that aren’t being used, closing and sealing off ducts in rooms where the construction is taking place, and treating or removing any mold and mildew.

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