Cool and Unusual Attractions in Florida

Cool and Unusual Attractions in Florida

Blair’s Air Conditioning and Heating is here with your summer trip bucket list of the top five most amazing and bizarre Florida attractions and roadside stops.

Top 5 Attractions in Florida For Your Summer Roadtrips

1. Jules’ Undersea Lodge at Key Largo

51 Shoreland Drive
Key Largo, FL 33037

5 Amazing and Unusual Florida Attractions
Jules’ Undesea Lodge at Key Largo Undersea Park is an underwater hotel, and the only one of its kind in the U.S. If you’re adding this to your summer trip bucket list, you’ll need to be prepared and able to do some diving.

Entry into the hotel requires scuba diving 21 feet beneath the surface of the sea, so they require visitors be certified SCUBA divers or partake in the Discover SCUBA course upon arrival. Once you take the dive through the tropical mangrove marine habitat of Emerald Lagoon, you’ll then enter through an opening near the sandy bottom of the ocean habitat.

5 Amazing and Unusual Florida Attractions
The underwater lodging facility originated as the La Chalupa underwater research laboratory in the 1970s. And even then, it was ahead of its time; standing as one of the most advanced subsurface research habitats ever created.

You can book overnight stays for an unforgettable romantic getaway, or just visit for a three-hour lunch at the undersea lodge. For more information, click here.

2. Coral Castle

28655 S Dixie Hwy
Homestead, FL 33033

5 Amazing and Unusual Florida Attractions
This bizarre roadside attraction and museum in Homestead, Fla. is the undertaking of one brilliant man’s dreams come to life. From 1923 to 1951, Edward Leedskalnin—a Latvian-born man standing barely five feet tall and weighing a mere 100 pounds—single-handedly and covertly carved and transported over 1,100 tons of coral rock to create what is known as Coral Castle.

5 Amazing and Unusual Florida Attractions
Image: Latvian History
Today, it remains one of the great mysteries of human accomplishment. No one in fact saw Leedskalnin building his castles and moving massive boulders of limestone all on his own, so some believe there were supernatural forces at work here.

However, it seems almost certain this feat was undertaken as an homage to love. It seems Ed Leedskalnin began construction of this unusual, amazing and mysterious project after being jilted by his fiancée just one day before they were planned to wed.

Take a stroll through this fantasy world of coral and check out the nine-ton gate that moves with the touch of a single finger, a bathtub, throne room, sundials and a Polaris telescope; all made entirely of stone.

3. Weeki Wachee, the City of Live Mermaids

6131 Commercial Way
Weeki Wachee, FL 34606

5 Amazing and Unusual Florida Attractions
Image: mermaids-101
It turns out mermaids do exist, at least in the old Florida town of Weeki Wachee, the city of live mermaids. This “enchanted spring” is located on the deepest naturally-forming spring in the U.S. (so deep, in fact, that the bottom has never been found!). Weeki Wachee first opened its doors in 1947, and has since attracted visitors and aspiring mermaids from around the world.

The name Weeki Wachee dates back to the Seminole Indians, who named the area “little spring” or “winding river.” In 1946, when there were more alligators than humans residing there, Newton Perry decided to clear the junk-ridden spring and start a business.

5 Amazing and Unusual Florida Attractions
Image: Travel Thru History
An avid swimmer and dive instructor, Perry invented a method of breathing underwater from a free-flowing hose (versus having to use a bulky oxygen tank). He then built an 18-seat theater—set in the limestone and submerged six feet below the surface—and trained beautiful girls to perform aquatic ballet routines using his underwater breathing apparatus.

Weeki Wachee’s heyday came in the 1960s when being a mermaid became synonymous with prestige, glamour, and fame. Today, the mermaid shows remain nonetheless entertaining and whimsical, giving visitors a glimpse into the rich and amazingly unusual old Florida heritage. Equally stunning is the beautiful natural backdrop of what remains a truly unique and splendid geological region.

4. Cape Romano Dome House

1230 Bluehill Creek Drive
Marco Island, FL 34145

5 Amazing and Unusual Florida Attractions
Image: inspireMORE
Though the Cape Romano Dome Homes look perhaps suited for alien habitancy, they were in fact built in 1980 as a holiday home for inventor and retired oil producer Bob Lee.

Today, they stand slowly decaying and marching ever deeper into the ocean. The cluster of holiday houses were ahead of their time, all designed to be entirely self-sustaining and solar-powered.

5 Amazing and Unusual Florida Attractions
Image: inspireMORE
Marco Island is only accessible by boat or kayak, so you’ll have to hop on the water to jet over for this attraction. Though this is a deserted island with no facilities, you are in fact allowed to camp here. Be sure to check for the weather forecast and stay out of the structures as currents and tides make exploring the dilapidated homes dangerous.

5. Florida Caverns State Park

3345 Caverns Road
Marianna, FL 32446

5 Amazing and Unusual Florida Attractions
Florida Caverns State Park is a spectacular option if you’re looking to explore the natural wonders of Florida this summer. This magnificent display of underground limestone cave formations, which took millions of years to become what it is today, is the only place in Florida where you can go on a public cave tour.

You can hike, camp out for the weekend, paddle down the Chipola River or even play a nine-hole game of golf on the New Deal-era style course.

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