5 Easy Ways to Cut Heating Costs

5 easy ways to cut heating costs

Many states in the U.S., including Florida, experience problematic and unpredictable weather patterns. With these surprises from Mother Nature, Floridians still have to consider the associated expenses of heating a home. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways you can cut down on unnecessary heating costs without compromising your comfort.

Seal Your Windows

You can save an average of 10 percent on your home’s heating and cooling costs by sealing cracks in your windows, doors and attic. Older homes are especially at risk due to changes in sealing standards and natural aging. Replacing your weatherstripping when necessary helps to keep all the air where it belongs. Additionally, some homes may benefit from better, higher quality insulation.

Spin Fans in Opposite Direction

Warm air has a natural predisposition to elevate and expand. It is unlikely that heat will evenly fill every corner of your home. If air distribution within your home has become problematic, using fans can help spread the warmth to those chilly corners. Simply adjust the direction the fan spins. Ceiling fans require minimal energy, so using fans in lieu of heaters is a win for your wallet.

A Clean Home Is a Warm Home

Just like any other filter, your home’s furnace filter needs cleaning and even replacement to keep the machine operating at top efficiency. Some brands of filters have longer lifespans than others and can offer additional health benefits.

Check Your Chimney Even When It’s Not Christmas

Homeowners benefiting from fireplaces can choose to swap their electric warmth for a toasty fire, but chimneys also create heating issues. If you notice a draft coming through your chimney, it’s very likely that you’ve forgotten to close the chimney’s damper.

Open Window Blinds

Despite its occasional chilly weather, Florida has an abundance of sunshine year-round. Be sure to leave blinds or drapes open on sunny days. This creates a greenhouse effect inside your home, trapping the heat from the sun’s rays, yet blocking the wind chill. Of course, this will not work as well if windows have film or tint.

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