5 Examples of Cooling Overkill

5 Examples of Cooling Overkill

Are You Overusing Your Air Conditioner?

Now that we are in the midst of summer, edging on humid autumn, cranking up the AC seems like a pretty good idea. After all, who wants to bake in their own home? Keeping a low temperature on the thermostat causes the AC to run constantly. We all know that this will result in a higher electric bill, and to some of us, it might just be worth it as we trudge through those sticky, humid days. But did you know that overusing your air conditioner can negatively impact your health? It can also make you less effective in the workplace.

Avoid Overusing Your AC With These 5 Tips

Check out these articles relating to the overuse of AC and maybe you will reconsider dropping the temperature down below 68 degrees.

1. Is your workplace too cold? According to a study done by Cornell, the frigid temperatures can lower your productivity in the workplace!

2. Did you know that consistently moving from cold to hot temperatures (like going outside from a 65-degree home) can make you sick?

3. In addition, there are some pretty nasty side-effects of overusing the air conditioner.

4. Even pets require a reasonable AC temperature! 78-80 degrees is ideal for most pets.

5. Need a break from AC? Here are some tips to lower both the heat in your home and your energy bill without overworking the air conditioner.

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