5 Tips to Help You Throw a First-String Super Bowl LI Party

4 Tips to Help You Throw a First-String Super Bowl Party

Which teams are you picking to be in Super Bowl LI (2017?) Do you plan on throwing a party for the big game? A memorable Super Bowl Party begins with planning. Make a checklist of party needs and assess your strengths (or areas of weakness) as a host or hostess. Next, set a budget. Don’t hesitate to get hosting help. Here are some essentials to keep in mind if you want to throw a Super Bowl party fans of both sides will love.

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#1 Create a Space for All Partygoers

Football fans watch tv

First off, it’s important to consider everyone’s comfort. Be prepared with coloring or craft stations for kids, and outdoor party setups for those who enjoy a dose of fresh air. Here are some tips to help you with small talk with your cousin’s new girlfriend or members of your boyfriend’s family. Also, it’s a nice gesture to extend an invitation to friendly neighbors.

#2 Serve Savory Snacks and Drinks

Super Bowl bbq fun food drinks

The one thing your party will be most remembered for—as is the case with any party—is the food. Here are three places to find football themed recipe collections your guests will be sure to savor:

Make drink coolers and trash/recycling accessible and easy to find so you and your guests can enjoy yourselves and focus on the action.

#3 Decorate for Game Time

Super Bowl decor

Set the tone for the party and decorate your house with team colors and football-themed decor items. This year, you’ll want black, blue and silver for the Caroline Panthers, and orange and navy for the Denver Broncos. Decorate an outdoor space for guests who aren’t glued to the TV and would rather spend some time getting a dose of fresh air. 

#4 Be Prepared for Field Fumbles

When the Super Bowl party is over

Be prepared for emergencies. Every party needs a first aid kit. You also may want to have plenty of tissues on hand in case a bad call costs your team the game. Don’t put off cleaning dirty dishes and dusting the TV until the last minute or you’ll be scrambling to get everything in order at the last minute. Make sure all the TV wires a properly connected and everything is in working order for game time.

#5 Call Blair’s Air for Guaranteed Comfort and AC Repair

Lastly, remember to call Blair’s Air for 24-hour emergency HVAC service. There’s nothing worse than hosting a party and having your home’s heating or cooling break down. Be prepared for the unexpected with routine maintenance inspections from Blair’s Air. Call us today at (727) 800-4148 to learn more. Our highly trained technicians are here to make sure you throw a Super Bowl party in first-class comfort.

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