5 Tips on How to Survive Holiday Small Talk With Out-Of-Touch Relatives

5 Tips on How to Survive Holiday Small-Talk With Out-Of-Touch Relatives

Small talk can be difficult for many, especially when it comes to carrying on conversations with out-of-touch relatives. Worried about conversing your way through holiday get-togethers and extended stays with your distant family members? Here are a few tips to help you keep things upbeat and afloat.

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#1 Discuss the Setting

If you’re struggling for a talking point, steer the conversation towards your surrounding environment. Try noting on the music, decor or type of food being served. Your setting provides plenty of conversation-starters and is almost always a safe topic of choice.

#2 Avoid Religion and Politics

A friendly chat can quickly turn into a volatile or tense interaction when discussions of religion and politics come into play. These topics tend to be sensitive, and each individual’s varying opinions make them poor subjects for small talk. If someone raises religious or political opinions and issues, do what you can to steer the conversation in another direction.

#3 Stick to Common Interests and Family Stories

You’re both related to the same people, which creates various topics for discussion. If there have been any major family events over the past year, use that to fuel the conversation. Mention how lovely a wedding was or how saddened you were by a shared relative’s passing. Keep the conversation light and cheerful if possible to keep an upbeat mood and make for an easier and more graceful exit.

#4 Listen Attentively

Regardless of how emotionally invested you are in Aunt Susan’s canning techniques, pay attention to what she has to say. People respond better when they can sense interest from you. Stay curious about your relatives and their interests and you may discover a long-lasting family connection you never knew you had.

#5 Have News to Share

Avoid talking about sad events in your life, but be willing to share exciting news such as marriage proposals or college graduations. Give the person you’re talking to something to work with while being careful not to talk too much about yourself.

Not all of us enjoy small talk, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. These five tips should help you get through any conversation obstacles you may find yourself in this holiday season.

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