How Weather Affects Mood

How Weather Affects Mood

One short month before summer is officially upon us. However, in Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay, Fla., it feels as if summer is already in full force. And with summer in West Central Florida also comes plenty of rain. According to Dr. Vinita Mehta PhD., of Psychology Today, sunlight largely affects the way we function and can enormously boost our livelihood. Blair’s Air Conditioning and Heating is here to share some of the ways temperate, climate and sunlight can impact our moods.

#1. Sunlight Makes You More Generous

How Weather Affects Mood


Bright lights, and especially light coming directly from the sun, have been found to make people more generous. Dr. Mehta conducted studies to determine how sunlight affects a driver’s willingness to pick up hitchhikers. The outcome? People were far more willing to pull over and help a thumbing traveler out if the sun was out and shining.

#2. More Sunlight = More Spending

How Weather Affects Mood

Similar to the findings above, Dr. Mehta and researchers also found that being exposed to sunlight is linked to higher spending. Sunny conditions make for a sunnier outlook, which means more likelihood for a shopping spree.

#3. Rain Makes You Eat More

How Weather Affects Mood

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When the rain clouds come out, the lack of serotonin makes the perfect case for carb cravings. According to scientist Judith Wurtman PhD., of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, carbohydrates help people feel better due to their ability to immediately spark serotonin levels.

#4. Rain Can Cause Body Pain

How Weather Affects Mood

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When atmospheric pressure is low, the dampness in the air from clouds and rain increases pain and stiffness in the body. If you’re experiencing rain-induced reduced mobility, try pulling out the yoga mat and giving yourself a nice stretch.

#5. Lack of Sunlight Causes Fatigue

How Weather Affects Mood

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We’re all familiar with this feeling. It’s a rainy day and nothing sounds better than lying on the couch watching a good movie. Or taking a nap. According to a study conducted by Jaap Denissen in 2008, the association between sunlight and fatigue (or lack thereof) is significant.

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#6. Heat Brings a Rise in Violent Crime


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As the thermometer rises, so do our tempers, according to experts. In a paper called “Heat and Violence,” professor Craig Anderson stated that 2.6 percent more murders occur in the U.S. during the summer months than take place during winter months.

Another study found that spikes in temperature are correlated to higher instances of aggressive crime. Don’t let the heat get you boiling. Make sure you stay cool, comfortable and even-keeled through the sweltering summer months with a reliable air conditioning system.

#7. Spending Time Outdoors Can Boost Memory and Creativity

How Weather Affects Mood

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Regions with warmer winter conditions and cooler summer conditions make for the happiest lifestyles, as people are able to spend more time outside throughout the year. Researchers found that people who spend a minimum of 30 minutes outdoors during nice weather reported improvements in their mood, memory, and openness to new information and ideas.

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