Energy Conservation Tips for Kids

Energy Conservation Tips for Kids

Looking for tips to teach your children about how to conserve energy? We all know how important it is to conserve energy, and passing that message on to our kids is important, too. They’ll follow your lead if you provide them with some awareness and give them some practical ways to save energy. Here are some creative tips for teaching kids about this important topic.

Tip #1. Teach them about the nature of energy with some hands-on physics.

Tip #2. Inspire them with some inspirational words from environmentalists.

Tip #3. “Conserve Like You Mean It” — you can even put up a sign to remind them of that message!

Tip #4. Keep the conservation learning fun with some interactive games.

Tip #5. Help them develop simple but important energy conservation habits like unplugging appliances they are not using.

Tip #6. Teach them to “reduce, reuse, recycle” and let them take the lead on the family recycling plan.

Tip #7. Plant a tree in your yard; you don’t have to wait for Earth Day!

Tip #8. Older children can help maintain energy efficiency by doing things like changing filters or turning appliances off when not in use. Let the kids watch, learn and ask questions after you’ve scheduled regular maintenance for your air conditioners or heating units with Blair’s Air.

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