Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter in Florida

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter in Florida

Even if you’re still enjoying the warm summer sun, colder months are around the corner. With cooler weather fast approaching, it’s a good idea to begin preparing your home and HVAC system now. Even Clearwater and Tampa Bay can get a bit chilly in the winter, so start making a list and checking it twice. Prepare your house with these helpful tips from Blair’s Air Conditioning and Heating.

The first step involves taking care of any HVAC maintenance before a cold snap hits and you’re left shivering. If you haven’t already, set up an appointment with some HVAC specialists to get your heating and cooling system in shape for winter weather.

Here are a few more thoughts (with a bit of humor) about preparing your home for lower temps:

1. Remember to change your air filters.

2. In fact, if you have a hard time remembering to change your air filters, just think of what can happen when you forget.

3. If you want to be on top of it all, you have to stay warm by eliminating air leaks.

4. Make sure to choose HVAC guys that can handle just about any service call.

5. Be these people.

6. But definitely not these people.

7. And most especially, don’t be these people!

8. Most importantly, contact Blair’s Air Conditioning and Heating for all your seasonal maintenance needs.

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