A History of Air Conditioning in the White House

When Did The White House Get Air Conditioning?

Like everyone else, presidents enjoy a controlled environment where they can monitor the temperature. However, for most of its history, the White House did not have an air conditioning system. Even after receiving one right before the onset of the Great Depression, American presidents have had vastly different cooling habits and thermostat preferences. Here is a brief history of keeping the White House and its residents cool.

When Did The White House Get Air Conditioning?

The White House did not install air conditioning until 1929, when President Herbert Hoover requested a system be installed for the presidential residence. Before that, only outdoor air cooled the building. The breeze made the chandeliers so noisy that Teddy Roosevelt had the chandelier in the residence removed, declaring, “Give it to the Vice President. He needs something to keep him awake.”

Presidential Temperature Preferences

The White House’s initial AC system left a lot to be desired. So, in 1934, the government installed a new system during the first term of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency. Roosevelt famously did not approve of the system and did not even use a fan. Instead, he preferred to wallow in the heat, much to the chagrin of his staff who preferred the cool, conditioned air the system produced.

Every president has used air conditioning differently. President Barack Obama keeps the Oval Office at a temperature reminiscent of the tropical climate of Hawaii, where he grew up. Over the decades, the White House air conditioning has been updated several times to increase efficiency and performance levels. Of particular concern was lowering the sound level so as not to interfere with electronic recording equipment. With the current system, the White House now enjoys a controlled climate with little hassle.

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