The Reasons for Air Conditioner Leaking

Get to the bottom of that leak and get your air conditioner back into great shape.

Is Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioner leaks are never a welcome sight. Whether you’ve got a tiny leak on your hands or a major one, the best thing to do is get right to the source in order to get it taken care of.

There Are Different Kinds of Leaks

There are two main kinds of leaks that happen with an air conditioner: refrigerant loss and condensation (or water) loss. They each come with their own sets of potential underlying causes. Let’s take a closer look.
air conditioner leaking

What It Means If Your Unit is Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a chemical that absorbs heat from the air that’s taken into your air conditioner, cooling it down to your desired temperature before it enters your home. If your AC unit is leaking refrigerant, it could be because of:
Corrosion, which deteriorates the copper of your refrigerant coils and enables the refrigerant itself to be released.
Copper Pipes Rubbing, which causes the pipes through which refrigerant flows to deteriorate and allow it to escape.
Coil Leaks, which could be a manufacturer error.

What It Means If Your Unit is Leaking Water

If there’s a leak with condensation on or around your unit, it’s likely due to water escaping when it shouldn’t be. There are a few potential causes for this, including:
Stopped up drain lines
Lack of maintenance
Overflowing or cracked drip pan
air conditioner leaking

Call a Pro Right Away

If you see a leak coming from your unit, turn off your air conditioner and call a professional immediately to make sure it gets taken care of as safely and quickly as possible.

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