AC Alternatives for Older Homes in Florida

AC Alternatives for Older Florida Homes

Older homes are beautiful and rich with history, but keeping them cool during summer months can feel like an absolute nightmare. Without ductwork, regular central air conditioning may not even be an option. What can owners of older homes do to keep from having to sweat through the summer? Here are a few helpful AC alternatives for an old house.

1. Install Temporary AC Units

There is always the perennial favorite option of installing a window air conditioning unit. While window units are great in terms of easy installation and maintenance, they may not be the best option for every homeowner. These heavy units only cool one room at a time, and various models don’t work with certain window styles. They also should be removed every autumn and put back every summer, a task with which many homeowners don’t like to bothered.

2. Go Ductless AC Unit

Ductless air conditioners are another option for older homes. The bulk of this type of system sits outside, with a smaller wall-mounted unit indoors. Much like window units, these ductless ACs are only capable of cooling one area at a time. However, unlike window units, they are capable of keeping that area at a constant temperature, don’t take up window space and don’t need to be uninstalled and reinstalled as the weather changes.

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3. Consider a High-Velocity System

Another option is a high-velocity air conditioning system. In lieu of ducts, these systems use tubing with a two-inch diameter. This makes it much less intrusive to install than traditional ductwork, since the tubing can be threaded through walls with relative ease and less damage. These air conditioning systems can cool an entire home and stay put year round. That said, they take up more interior space (usually in an attic or basement), require some cutting and patching to install the tubing and can cost a lot to install.

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