Should AC Vents Be Open or Closed?

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 Open Air Vents vs. Closed

You may take a glimpse at your energy bill and wonder whether or not it makes sense to close the vents or keep them open for lower heating and cooling costs. In fact, closing air vents can be detrimental to your home’s HVAC system, and the benefits of keeping the vents open outweigh the costs.

HVAC systems in typical homes are designed specifically for that space. In other words, the home’s heating and cooling will work to heat or cool the entire square footage of the indoor living areas. Closing off the vents can impact the system’s performance, so it is not recommended by professionals.

Will Closing Air Vents Save Energy?

Closing the air vents in a home does not translate into savings for the typical homeowner. The best way to save money is to have the system serviced regularly. When cooling the home, maintaining a temperature around 78 degrees can produce savings.

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Will Closing Air Vents Lower My Electric Bill?

In many cases, closing air vents will increase your energy bill. This is because the closed vents do not stop the air from being produced. Rather, it restricts the movement of the air in the home. This means that the air can get trapped and build up, eventually leaking into another area of the home or through cracks and windows. You still pay for this wasted air, and you might even pay more because the system feels it has to work harder to heat or cool those closed-off areas.

What Impact Does a Closed AC Vent Have on a Home?

In many cases, closing the air vent affects air quality because this air will not get the chance to circulate through the filters. Clean air filters play a major role in removing dust, dirt, pet dander and other allergens from the air. Additionally, the closed vents can elevate the amount of pressure in the system and can break ductwork seals, which further reduces the system’s efficiency.

Leave Your AC Vents Open and Contact Blair’s Air Conditioning for AC Service

Many residents of Clearwater, Fla. depend on their air conditioning systems year-round. This requires routine maintenance by a professional HVAC company. Maintaining proper airflow can even extend the life of the system. The pressure that is allowed to build up when the vents are closed stresses the HVAC system and can impact overall air quality. To identify any potential problems with a system, contact Blair’s Air Conditioning & Heating.