How Your AC Is Hurting Your Business

how your ac is hurting your business

As a business owner, you focus a considerable amount of attention on customer satisfaction, productivity and your bottom line. While there are numerous steps to take to achieve these and other specific goals you have, you may overlook the important role your air conditioning system plays in the overall success of your business. When you fail to keep your business’s air conditioner well-maintained, your AC unit could hurt your business in several ways.

The Comfort Level of Customers and Employees

Your air conditioner plays a critical role in the comfort level of your employees and your customers. When your system stops working, the indoor environment could easily become uncomfortably warm in a short period of time on hot days. This can affect the productivity of your employees and the enjoyment level of your customers. Some broken AC units will continue to circulate cool air in the building, but they may have a foul odor or an unusual smell. In some cases, they may cool one area of the space too much while not cooling another area. Each of these factors can have a negative impact on your indoor environment. When your system is well-maintained through annual tune-ups, and timely repairs if the system shows signs of trouble, you can minimize these effects.

Superior Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioning system also affects indoor air quality, and poor indoor air quality can hurt your business in a number of ways. For example, dirty evaporator coils can result in a stinky problem known as dirty sock syndrome. A dirty system with filthy air ducts and air filters can spread pet dander, dust, bacteria and other allergens throughout your space. This can negatively impact employee and customer health, further hurting the productivity of your team and the experience of your customers. Regular maintenance keeps your system clean and prevents these issues.

Contact Blair’s Air for Commercial Heating and Cooling Maintenance

If you are aware that your air conditioning unit requires repair work or if it has been more than a year since it was serviced, now is a great time to schedule an appointment with an AC technician. Blair’s Air Conditioning & Heating is the local service provider in the Tampa area that is known for fast, reliable service. Call Blair’s Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule your appointment with us.