AC Low on Refrigerant

AC Low on Refrigerant

One of the most annoying things on our list of first world problems is having an AC that is not cooling. And it can rapidly turn from annoyance to dangerous if it stops working properly right in the middle of the summer, or if you have an elderly or ill family member.

Although there may be several reasons why an air conditioner is not cooling, in this blog, we’re exclusively focusing on refrigerant issues.

Do note that while there are plenty of DIY AC repair steps that you can follow with several tools and a good YouTube tutorial, we strongly recommend that you defer refrigerant issues to HVAC professionals. This is because not handling with care may result in refrigerant poisoning.

So read on for signs your AC is low on refrigerant, and if it is, let us help you.

What Is Refrigerant?

Air conditioners work by absorbing heat from inside your home or business. Refrigerant is what cools it down. It’s used in air conditioners, refrigerators, and the AC in motor vehicles.

5 Signs Your AC Is Low on Refrigerant

Occasionally, an AC unit will stop cooling air as effectively as it once did. While this can indicate several problems, one of them might be low refrigerant or Freon. Having low refrigerant levels in your AC does not allow it to perform optimally and can cause other problems. If you notice any of the following indicators, contact a professional to inspect your unit’s refrigerant levels.

1. It Takes Too Long for Your Home to Cool Down

When there’s a lack of refrigerant, heat that’s ventilated through the system isn’t absorbed as efficiently. This makes it more difficult for the AC to properly transfer higher quantities of cool air into a home.

2. Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

While an AC blowing warm air can indicate a lack of refrigerant, it can signify other issues, too. The AC compressor could be broken, the unit itself could be very dirty or the thermostat could be running the fan without the AC unit.

3. You Hear a Hissing Sound

If there’s a minor refrigerant leak, you probably won’t hear anything. But for more significant leaks, you’ll hear a hissing sound coming out of your unit. If you do hear this, all bets are off, it’s May Day! Don’t risk your family getting poisoned. Call us for help. We are available for this type of situation 24/7.

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4. AC Parts Are Frozen

As refrigerant starts to run low, the air pressure decreases, until freezing occurs. Because of this, several other parts of your AC will freeze too, such as the evaporator coil and compressor. This can lead to very costly repairs.

You can look for icy buildup inside the unit, but especially outside your home, on the lines connecting the condenser unit to your wall. If those lines are frozen, you need additional refrigerant.

5. Your Electricity Bills Are Soaring While Your Home Stays Warm

If any part of your air conditioner is not working properly, it’ll cause the unit to work harder to cool off your home or business. However, without refrigerant, nothing will cool down. But because of the extra work, your electric bill will go up.

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Never Tackle Refrigerant Issues Without a Professional AC Technician

Refrigerant is toxic and can cause respiratory problems and lead to other health issues. Stay safe and call an expert to help.

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