AC Options For Garage Apartment Conversion

Air Conditioning Options For Garage Apartment Conversion

Air conditioning is essential if you plan on converting your garage into an extra living space that is actually inhabitable here in Florida. It is important to properly plan your garage conversion, including thinking about heating, ventilation and air conditioner options. Read on to learn what the best AC option is for your garage conversion.

1. Adding Ductwork to Your Garage Apartment

If your garage is close enough in proximity to the rest of your home and HVAC system then you could add ductwork to the garage from your existing system. This job should only be handled by professional HVAC technicians such as ours at Blair’s Air.

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2. Ductless Split AC for Your Garage Apartment

The ductless split air conditioner is designed without the ductwork of traditional HVAC systems but much more energy efficient than ductless window AC units. Ductless split air conditioners are also beneficial due to their space-saving and streamlined components made up of an outdoor condenser and a compact indoor unit connected by a pair of refrigerant pipes. The pipes will need to be run through a small hole in an exterior wall. Luckily, our technicians are experienced in the best methods to install ductless split AC systems.

3. Window Unit for Garage Apartment

A window unit is another option for your converted room. The window AC unit is beneficial in that the units are the most inexpensive and easiest to install option. They are also the most flexible option should you ever need to move the unit. However, this air conditioning option for your converted space is limited in that window units are typically found to increase energy bills during the hot summer months and block the natural light from your beautiful new space. Most window units are also found to be noisier than other AC options.

4. Portable Air Conditioners in Garage Apartment

A portable AC is a good option if your garage conversion is a small space and to be used infrequently as it will not give the same cooling capacity as the other AC options. Forget it if you plan on using the space as a spare bedroom as these air conditioners are not recommended for temperatures above 90 degrees F.

Other Garage Conversion Air Conditioning Tips

  • The square footage of your conversion space is important when considering which AC option to choose. Use a BTU calculator to determine which size AC is appropriate for the size of your space.
  • Ceiling fans would be a good idea to ensure proper circulation in the space.
  • Don’t forget about ventilation! Be sure whichever AC option you choose for your garage conversion that it has been installed with ventilation in mind.


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