The Top 5 Benefits of Home Air Purifiers

air purifier benefits

When you’re a homeowner, it’s common to look for ways to improve your home and make your home life as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. There are different sets of circumstances that often result in thinking about purchasing a home air purifier: Having allergy sufferers in your home, having pets who shed a lot of hair, having any previous mold issues, living with a smoker, or simply because the inside of your home smells stuffy.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Home Air Purifier?

An air purifier can definitely help you resolve any of those issues. In fact, even though there are different types of purifiers, they all have several common denominators as discussed below:

1. Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

Most people can choose a favorite smell for a scented candle or essential oils. Others prefer opening windows and letting fresh air fill their home. What everyone can agree with, however, is that no one wants a home that smells like yesterday’s spaghetti. Some homes do have a particular scent. If you’re too used to how yours smells and can no longer appreciate any specific smell, walk into a neighbor’s or friend’s house and see for yourself. You’ll know whose teenage sons had football practice this week and has a habit of leaving their gym bag somewhere in the living room. An air purifier will absorb all of the egregious smells that make you wish you were always walking around with a mint leaf to hold under your nose.

2. Reduce Allergens

Anywhere you go, the air is full of allergens: dust particles, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, insects… The list is unpleasant to read, and so are the symptoms: itchy skin, watery eyes, sneezing, eczema, asthma attacks… Air purifiers absorb a substantial portion of these foreign bodies floating around in the air inside your home.

3. Better Health

Even if you’re not an allergy sufferer, it doesn’t serve your lungs well to constantly breathe in bacteria. Air purifiers remove up to 99% of airborne microbes and pathogens. Therefore, installing one in your home is beneficial for both your short and long-term health.

4. Reduced Risk of Mold Growth

Remember how we mentioned mold spores up there? Since air purifiers do eliminate spores, you’re also reducing the risk of them settling into your home structure and damaging it (not to mention the myriad respiratory issues they may also cause to you or your family members).

5. Cleaner Home

Raise your hand if you like to dust your home. You get bonus points if your spouse or kids do it on a regular basis without you having to ask them to do so. Anyone? We won’t hold our breath while we wait for an answer. But here’s a beautiful piece of information that will make your heart sing with joy: Installing an air purifier means fewer dust particles floating around in the air. As a result, there’s a significant reduction in dust accumulation, so you won’t have to dust as often.

In addition to their many benefits, there are different types of air purifiers to best suit your household needs: You can purchase several portable ones and place them in different rooms of your home, or install a system within your air conditioner’s ducts. In addition, if you’re concerned about the gasses emitted by cleaning supplies or off-gassing from formaldehyde in furniture or paint, you can install a purifier with activated carbon filters, which would absorb all of those noxious chemicals.

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