Beat the Heat (and Save on AC Expenses!)


5 Tips to Beat the Heat and Bust High Energy Bills

Spring and Summer in Clearwater, St. Petersburg and the larger Tampa Bay area means relentless air conditioning and high energy bills. Fortunately, Blair’s has five simple tips to help you keep your cool through warmer weather without breaking the bank.

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Quick Recap:

  • Seal any leaks around windows and doors to prevent cool air from escaping.
  • Switch your home’s lighting to energy-efficiency LED or CFL bulbs to keep added heat at bay and save on lighting costs.
  • Avoid cooking during the hottest times of the day. Your kitchen stove or oven adds a great amount of heat to indoor air, so choose the time of day to cook wisely. Or, take the food prep outside for a nice summer evening BBQ dinner.
  • Use ceiling fans to help keep you cool. They work well and are inexpensive to operate.


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If you’re looking to save money this cooling season in Clearwater, St. Pete or Tampa, the experts at Blair’s Air Conditioning and Heating can help. There’s no need to suffer through the discomfort of heat and humidity this spring and summer. The efficiency experts at Blair’s Air are passionate about providing cost-effective cooling solutions, no matter the time of year.

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