Benefits of Zoned AC Systems and Multiple Thermostats

Benefits of Zoned AC Systems and Multiple Thermostats

Many homeowners can enjoy precise air conditioning in every room of their home just by installing a zoned AC system with multiple thermostats. A zoned HVAC system has a number of other benefits as well. Just keep reading to learn what they are.

What Is a Zoned AC System?

In a zoned AC system, separate zones divide your home’s AC system into different areas that are controlled by separate thermostats.

3 Benefits of a Zoned AC with Multiple Thermostats

1. Easily Control Temperature: Most people want to easily control the heating and cooling throughout their homes and a zoned AC system gives them the ability to do so. If your kitchen typically gets hotter than other rooms in your home, then a zoned air conditioning system with multiple thermostats will allow you to easily control the temperature in only that room or zoned area.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency: The ability to more easily control temperatures throughout the home also creates the additional benefit of better energy efficiency. Less energy is used to cool parts of the house that aren’t being used means less money on your electric bills.

3. Extend the Life of your HVAC System: A zoned AC system will extend the lifespan of your HVAC as it won’t be forced to work as hard to cool or heat rooms that you may not need to be heated or cooled.

When Are Zoned AC Systems Recommended?

The HVAC experts at Blair’s Air typically only recommend zoned HVAC systems with multiple thermostats for only homes that have:

– Cathedral of high ceilings
– Multiple stories
– Above the garage or attic room
– Large windows in the sun
– Lofts or sunrooms

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