Best Practices for Hospital Air Quality

Best Practices for Hospital IAQ

In hospitals, the maintenance of indoor air quality is critical. Air quality is not something that any health care provider can afford to neglect as common pathogens can cause severe risks to patients with compromised immune systems. Also, patients infected with respiratory illnesses can spread them to other patients, the hospital’s staff and visitors. However, the steps to establishing and maintaining good indoor air quality and to preventing airborne infections are simple.

Ways to Ensure Good Hospital Air Quality

To ensure that a facility’s air quality is suitable for a health care environment, the facility manager and maintenance personnel should focus their efforts in several areas:

– Ensure that there are effective risk management policies and procedures in place.

– Understand the hospital’s function and design requirements. For example, facilities for the control of contaminants are essential for protecting patients with suppressed or compromised immune systems. They are also necessary for quarantining patients with airborne infections.

– Monitor and documenting the performance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems as a means of guiding operation and maintenance.

– Implement plans for directing responses to emergencies. There should also be plans in place for when construction or renovation projects become necessary.

HVAC Standards for Hospitals

The Centers for Disease Control have some strict standards for HVAC system design and maintenance in health care facilities. Some of the basic standards for a healthcare environment include:

– Hospitals should evaluate and mitigate risks associated with HVAC and other utilities.

– They should make sure that HVAC and other utilities undergo regular inspections, testing and maintenance.

– They are required to equip facilities for controlling airborne contaminants by designing, installing and maintaining ventilation systems.

– Construction activity poses certain risks concerning air quality and the control of infections. Hospitals are expected to evaluate those risks.

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