Central AC vs. Ductless Systems

Central AC vs. Ductless Systems

Building a new house, or fixing up an older home? A big decision involved in either process will be choosing between a central cooling system or a ductless AC system. Both systems are capable of heating and cooling your living space, but there are some key differences between the two options. The system you choose to invest in may remain in your home for many years, so it’s important to understand how they differ before making the investment.

System Structure

A ductless system sits inside a room and pushes heat or cooled air directly from the unity into the room. A central AC unit, on the other hand, distributes air throughout the home through a series of ducts.


The cost of both of these types of systems can vary, but in most cases, a ductless system is a more affordable solution. A ductless system is generally smaller in size and has less power. It also is often designed to only heat or cool one or several rooms rather than the whole home at once, like the central system.

Installation Process

A central heating and cooling system forces air into each of your rooms through air ducts. If you already have the ducts installed, the technician may inspect the ducts to ensure that they are in good condition. If you do not have ducts installed, the cost of supplies and labor increase the total installation cost. A ductless system is often faster and easier to install.

Climate Control Capabilities

The central heating and cooling system often has more significant capabilities for climate control. A ductless system is a more localized option in your home, and you may even need to invest in two or more ductless systems if you need a whole-home heating and cooling solution. Before you decide which model to purchase, consider your climate control needs.

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