Does Closing AC Vents in Unused Rooms Save Electricity?

Does Closing AC Vents in Unused Rooms Save Electricity

High energy bills may prompt you to seek opportunities to reduce your expenses, and closing your AC vents might seem like a sensible way to only cool, or heat, chosen areas. After all, directing the conditioned air only to the rooms in use should accomplish your home comfort goals more quickly without wasting energy on vacant spaces.

However, closing your vents could actually be a costly error for several reasons.

Thermostat Location

Your thermostat controls the action of your air conditioner. This means that the area in which the thermostat is located must reach the desired temperature before the system’s cycle will end. If you close the vent in that portion of your home, you could cause your air conditioner to run for longer periods, which could become expensive over time. Further, the air traveling through your ducts will still go to remote locations of the home even if the vents are not open.

Lack of Air Balancing

Ideally, your home’s air conditioning system should have been balanced at the time of its installation. An HVAC technician measures the output in each room and adjusts the ducts to ensure that cooling activity is consistent throughout the home. When you fully or partially close a duct, it changes that balance throughout the house, and your efforts to restore balance could fall short. If you have made such adjustments over time, it is wise to schedule an air balancing service call to ensure that your vents are restored to optimum positions.

Efficiency of Today’s Home Insulation

Because modern construction materials and methods have become quite precise, a home is better able to maintain desired temperatures while using less energy. Replacing outdated insulation might actually reduce energy consumption more than closing off vents ever could.

Installing Ductless Air Conditioning or System Zones

One situation in which location-specific air conditioning can be an energy-saving measure is with ductless equipment. A ductless system can eliminate the significant amount of energy waste that occurs through the ducts of a central forced-air system. You might want to consider renovating your home’s comfort system to tap into the savings potential of ductless equipment. Zoning can also provide this type of benefit to a lesser degree through the use of duct dampers that close to limit airflow to certain areas. Both solutions require professional evaluations and installation.

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