Common Cooling Myths Debunked

Common Cooling Myths Debunked

Unfortunately, many fall victim to common cooling myths and actually end up putting more strain on their system than necessary, wasting money and energy in the process. Don’t fall victim to common AC falsehoods. Keep reading to learn more:

Myth #1: “Keeping fans running while away will promote airflow.”

Many believe that turning the AC down, or off, and leaving ceiling fans running will keep the indoor air from stagnating. Unfortunately, fans cool skin, not room temperature, and have little to no effect on indoor air quality. In unoccupied rooms, keep fans off.

Myth #2: “Air filters are a gimmick.”

Some delay changing out the air filter on a regular basis, thinking that air filters do not do much to increase efficiency or improve air quality. However, that’s not the case. According to The National Institutes of Health, air filters do make a difference in the quality of the air we breathe.

Myth #3: “My home isn’t cooling fast enough because my unit is too small.”

Many issues can affect the indoor air temperature of a home, and most likely it has little to do with the size of the air conditioning unit. In fact, having too large of a unit can waste more energy than having an undersized one.

Myth #4: “I should keep my AC running when I leave.”

It depends. AC units actually work best when operating at full capacity. Keeping the AC on, but set to a higher temperature, still uses more energy than simply turning the unit off. However, keep in mind that AC systems remove humidity as well, a vital point to consider for those living in Florida.

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