Common Problems With Older AC Systems

Common Problems With Older AC Systems

Homes with older AC units can experience a variety of issues, from frequent service calls to refrigerant leaks. Here are a few additional issues homeowners might encounter with older AC units:

1. Dirty, rusty, or worn out components

2. Electric control failure

3. Compressor malfunctions

4. Sensor issues

5. Drainage problems

6. Some problems might require repairs, but units older than 10 years might need replacing.

7. Outdated window units come with their own set of issues.

Fortunately, heating and cooling systems continue to improve each year, so investing in a newer model makes sense.

Older residences and their AC systems require a bit more attention than new builds. Do you need fast and reliable HVAC services? Contact Blair’s Air Conditioning and Heating! Our dedicated team has solutions for all of your cooling and heating troubles.

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