The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes indoor air pollution as the #1 pollution problem in the United States, with nearly 40 percent of all buildings posing a serious health hazard due to indoor air pollution. Considering we spend so much of our lives indoors, indoor air pollutants present a serious problem for the wellbeing of ourselves and our loved ones. Blair’s Air Conditioning and Heating is here to help you safeguard your home’s air.

Common indoor air pollutants can ultimately have severe consequences on your health if you aren’t proactive in improving the quality of the air you breathe. Learn about five of the most common indoor air pollutants and the steps you can take to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

The 5 Most Common Indoor Air Pollutants

1. Bacteria: Bacteria are abundant in our environment. However, thanks in part to the overuse of and abuse of antibiotics, there are more strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria than ever.

2. Dust and Pollen: Millions of people have allergies to common substances such as dust, pollen and the like. When the body overreacts to these common substances, it puts their immune system under stress.

3. Fungus and Mold: Fungus and mold aren’t just unsightly, but they could be hindering your health as well. Fungi and molds can range from something as simple as athlete’s foot to Aspergillosis, which is potentially deadly. No matter the severity, most fungus, and mold are capable of causing at least some type of allergic reaction.

4. Outdoor Pollution: The air outside is composed five major pollutants: hydrocarbons, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxide and carbon monoxide. If your home isn’t equipped to fight indoor air pollutants, these pollutants can become trapped indoors and pose a potential health hazard.

5. Smoke: Smoking-related illnesses cause approximately 350,000 deaths in America each year. Cigarette smoke contains more than 3,000 toxic chemicals and gasses, which can become trapped indoors and diminish your home’s indoor air quality.

A Simple Way to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Learning about common indoor air pollutants and how easily they can diminish your home’s air quality and affect your health can be scary. Fortunately, you can easily improve your home’s indoor air quality by scheduling a routine maintenance checkup with a professional HVAC company.

At Blair’s Air, our preventive maintenance program is designed to improve your HVAC system’s efficiency, prevent the need for repairs, cut energy costs and improve indoor air quality.

Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality With Blair’s Air

At Blair’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we want your home to be comfortable, and above all, safe, which is why we recommend our maintenance agreement plan to all of our valued customers. Ready to become a Blair’s Air Preferred Customer and start fighting indoor air pollutants? Contact us today to schedule a service appointment.

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