Do I Need a Separate AC for My Indoor Gym?

Do I Need a Separate AC for My Indoor Gym?

In places with extreme climates, such as Florida, exercising outdoors does not always sound pleasant. With gym membership prices rising, an increasing number of homeowners want to opt out of the gym and equip their bonus room with dumbbells and a treadmill. However, some might wonder if the heat and sweat from a home gym will affect their cooling system. Unless fitness buffs stick to non-climate controlled spaces to work out, the extra cooling needs can wear down a single AC. In fact, depending on the size of the room and rate of use, home gyms should have a separate heating and cooling system.

Zones Keep Temperature and Humidity at Bay

After a strenuous workout routine in a home gym, the air can get pretty muggy. To help combat this, experts suggest adjusting the thermostat to a colder setting. However, if workouts occur more than a few times a week, this can put unnecessary strain on the overall cooling system. For this reason, experts recommend applying a zoning system to keep the gym cool and free of moisture. Additionally, having a separate cooling system for the gym means it won’t affect the temperature in other rooms of the house. Portable fans can also help increase airflow and cool down stay-at-home workout junkies.

How Zoning Works

An AC expert can assess your home’s system and recommend the best options to ensure the home gym does not negatively affect your heating and cooling costs and maintenance requirements.

Homeowners with a workout room might also want to consider zoning. Zoning involves installing dampers into the ducts to divide the house into designated zones. The dampers have their own thermostats to regulate and control the temperature in the set area, supplying cool air as needed from the central panel.  This allows people in the house to manipulate temperatures of individual rooms.

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