User Error: Don’t Make These 4 Thermostat Mistakes

User Error: Don't Make These 5 Thermostat Mistakes

Properly regulating your central heating and cooling system isn’t always as simple as just knowing which button sets the temperature. And unfortunately, simple thermostat mistakes can quickly add up to higher energy bills each month.

If you think you may not be using your home’s thermostat to its highest energy-saving potential, Blair’s Air is here to help. Keep your hard-earned money with smart energy use.

Thermostat Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make…

Turning the thermostat up in response to cold temperatures outside wastes energy. Even more, it defeats the point of your home’s heating system: to regulate indoor temperature.

Most thermostat units have two kinds of hold options: either hold/permanent/vacation, or temporary hold. Avoid using the first feature for your day-to-day temperature control and management, and leave this for use only while you’re planning to be away from the house for an extended time.

Placing appliances near your thermostat is a bad idea. Objects such at TVs, sound systems and lamps may cause the thermostat to register the heat being emitted from these appliances as a rise in temperature and adjust accordingly.

Opting to forgo annual maintenance can result in decreased efficiency and a missed opportunity to catch problems with your thermostat and overall HVAC system early on.

Call Blair’s Air for Temperature Control, Energy Savings and AC Repair

Contact an experienced HVAC professional to install a new thermostat rather than attempting to go the DIY routeyou’ll save more by having it done correctly the first time around. For any of your heating, cooling or ventilation needsfrom leaking air conditioners and clogged drain pipes to poor indoor air qualityBlair’s Air is here to help Tampa Bay area homeowners. Call us today to learn more.