How to Enjoy the 2016 Olympics in Tampa Bay

How to Watch the 2016 Olympics in Tampa Bay

The 2016 Olympics begin Friday, August 5. Are you ready to watch the games from the comfort of your home in Tampa Bay? Here are some ideas to make this year’s Olympics a cool and memorable time.

1. Schedule AC Maintenance to ensure no outages during the Olympics.
An emergency AC repair is never cool when you’re trying to watch the Olympics — or anything cool on television. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you during one of Florida’s hot, humid summer days or nights. Schedule preventative maintenance with Blair’s Air now.

2. Find cool Olympics watch parties in Tampa Bay
While sometimes there is nothing better than the cool, relaxed comfort of your own home, it can be a great time to watch events like the Olympics out with others. The full Olympics watch schedule spans nearly 15 days so there are plenty of opportunities to do both if you so wish!

3. Prep cooling foods and drinks for the games.
Watch the games with lots of snacks and sip cold drinks to keep you cool while the action heats up. Grill outside to keep the air conditioning from having to work extra hard to cool the house. Make salads, coleslaws, popsicles and ice cream treats for sides. Also, prepare patriotic treats for extra Olympics fun.

Here are some patriotic food ideas you can try:
– Red, white and blue cupcakes
Patriotic cupcakes
– Patriotic fruit treats
Patriotic fruit treats
– Classic American grub (little flags make everything patriotic!)
Patriotic foods to watch the Olympics


Contact Blair’s Air for AC Maintenance Before the 2016 Olympic Games

Whether you stay home or go out to watch the 2016 Olympics, no one likes a hot house during summer in Tampa Bay. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you and schedule AC maintenance today.