Football Season DIY’s For Your Tampa Bay Home

Football Season DIY's for Your Tampa Bay Home

When football season comes back to Tampa Bay and the rest of the country, many take pride in having their home be the go-to spot for game day. If you’ve been waiting for that day that all your friends and family come to watch your favorite football team at your house, this is your year. Here are some tips to get your home ready for the perfect game day experience.

Make Sure Your AC is Efficiently Cooling Your Space

Making your home comfortable is the most important step to becoming a good host. The worst thing that can happen at your party is having problems with your air conditioning system. Before the season starts, schedule a routine maintenance checkup to ensure that your A/C will blow cold air when it’s hot outside and warm air when the temperatures start to drop! If your couch needs some help with comfort, try adding some plush decorative pillows and throws for your guests to snuggle up with. Use pillows in your team’s colors for added flair.

Maximize Your Space

Sometimes in sports, the game gets heated! When you have all of your family and friends in one setting it can be only a matter of time until something gets broken. Position your living room and television furniture to ensure that it is not in the direct way of your guests. This will also make it safer for anyone prone to tripping over cords and walking into furniture!

Spring Cleaning In The Fall

A clean house is always inviting for guests. Transfer your spring-cleaning skills over to fall and make your home spick and span for your guests! A good clean will also eliminate clutter that could make your home feel smaller. Be sure to schedule and AC and ductwork maintenance check to ensure your guests are comfortable in the coolest and healthiest indoor air.

Be Sure to Invite Blair’s Air!

Remember, the last thing your party needs is a broken air conditioner. Contact one of our qualified technicians today and receive a free service call with repair!