Give Your AC a New Year’s Resolution

Give Your AC a New Year's Resolution

Many New Year’s resolutions are geared toward losing weight, quitting smoking or taking up a new hobby. Yet many people have trouble following through on these resolutions. One resolution you should stick to this year is making sure your home is operating smoothly, including your air conditioning system.

Schedule an Air Conditioning Tune Up

Making sure your AC is in top running order is essential. There is nothing like going to turn on your AC and discovering it’s not running properly, or not running at all. It’s wise to have your AC checked and serviced during the winter so you can be sure everything is in working order for the coming seasons.

Join a Maintenance Club

Preventative maintenance is one way to be certain your system won’t falter or fail you entirely. Thankfully, many HVAC service providers offer discounts on annual maintenance tasks. Lubricating moving parts is one preventative service you should consider scheduling. When internal components lack lubrication, they can rust, seize or break. One broken part can cause extensive damage to your AC system, often without your knowledge.

Change Air Filters

Keeping your filters clean is another important preventative measure as dirt and debris can cause the system to malfunction. Additionally, it can prevent air from flowing properly and weaken the efficiency of your unit.

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