Give Your AC a Well-Deserved Christmas Present

Give Your AC a Well-Deserved Christmas Present

Cooling systems endure a lot of stress from wear-and-tear, particularly in a warm weather climate like Tampa Bay. With the holiday season approaching, your home’s cooling system may continue to be used heavily as you stay cool during the warm weather conditions. You may even run the AC system more frequently than usual to keep your home cool after holiday baking and entertaining. Now is the perfect time to treat your AC system to a bit of TLC, and Blair’s Air can help with this project.

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Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

If you have not scheduled annual maintenance service on your cooling system this year, this may be the right time to do it. While preventive care usually takes place at the beginning of the warm weather season each year, there is no right or wrong time to schedule the service. It is best to complete cleaning and other maintenance now rather than later.

Fix AC Repair Problems

Many homeowners are aware of small repair issues with their home cooling system. For example, you may feel as though your AC system is running longer than it used to, but it still keeps you cool. However, delaying much-needed service can have drastic consequences. Smaller repair issues can add strain to your system when they are left unattended. This can increase energy costs and lead to more costly repairs in the future. They can also ultimately decrease the lifespan of your system, requiring you to replace the entire unit sooner than necessary. Repairing your system now is a smart idea.

Clean Your Air Filters

Air filters are easy to overlook in importance, but they are critical to the health of your system. The cooled air from the system blows through the air filter, but when the air filter is blocked with dirt, the system must work harder to get the job done. Replacing air filters monthly is a simple way to keep the system well-maintained.

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