Heater Problems: Blowing Cold Air or Burning Smell?

Heater Problems: Blowing Cold Air or Burning Smell?

Most Tampa Bay days there is no reason to turn on your heater, but on those few occasions, it’s good to know you won’t have any problems with it when you need it. Let Tampa Bay’s best heating and cooling company explain why your heating is blowing cold air or smells like it’s burning.

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Reasons for Heater Blowing Cold Air

You turned on your heating system only to feel cold air blowing back at you? There are a few reasons why this occurs.

  • System Off for Period of Time
    A heating system usually blows cold air for the first couple of moments after it is turned on, especially if it’s been awhile since its last use. If your air ducts are filled with cold air then that is what will come out first before the heating elements can effectively warm.
  • User Errors
    Don’t be ashamed, they happen to the best of us. Ensure your thermostat is set to “Heat” and that the temperature set is greater than the room temperature. A dirty air filter can also contribute to ineffective heating or cooling, so be sure that you change yours every month as well.
  • Aged Heater Parts
    The elements of a heating system usually last about 10 years. After that time, coils and other components will wear down and need to be replaced. The HVAC experts at Blair’s Air will know and be honest as to whether your heater parts can be repaired or must be replaced.

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Reasons for Heater Burning Smells

If you notice a burning smell when you turn your heater on, you may be a little concerned. You might not know if you should ignore the problem or call the fire department. What’s most important is that you stay calm.

Turn your heater off as soon as you notice a burning smell. If you don’t turn the heater off right away, you could damage your furnace or potentially put yourself and others in danger. Now, there are a few things that could be causing the burning smell. While most reasons for a burning smell coming from your heater are harmless, other causes could be dangerous. That’s why it’s important to know the difference.

  • Dust Build-up
    Most heaters are only in use and needed during cooler winter months. As warmer spring and summer months approach, furnaces are turned off for the remainder of the year. When not in use, dust starts to build up inside your heater. This dust will start to heat up and burn when it comes time for you to turn your heater on upon the arrival of chillier weather.
    The smoke from the burnt dust will be cycled into the ventilation system, a process that is not dangerous and should not cause for concern. Once the dust has burned up, you should not notice the smell anymore. However, if the burning smell remains after using your heater a few times, it could be something more serious.
  • Damaged Blower
    A blower malfunction could also be the cause of the burning smell. The blower is designed to take heat from the furnace and spread it throughout the house. If the blower is not working, it is not safe to operate your home’s furnace as the heat will not be cycled, causing the system to overheat and potentially start a fire.

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Contact Tampa Bay Heater Experts for Heating Problems

If you notice a burning smell or excessive cold air coming from your heater, contact us now. Even if you inspect the system yourself, there is still a chance you might miss something that could quickly turn into a costly and dangerous mistake. Your safest option is to contact our HVAC experts. For malfunctioning furnaces or any of your other heating and cooling needs, contact our team of expert technicians at Blair’s Air, serving South Tampa, Clearwater, Dunedin, Oldsmar and surrounding areas of Tampa Bay.

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