How AC Influenced Florida’s Development

How AC Influenced Florida's Development

The majority of Florida lies in a subtropical climate zone, making the weather hot and humid for most of the year. Summer heat often stays about 90 degrees Fahrenheit from May through October, and the humidity, which stays constant around 85 percent each day, makes it a difficult environment to live and work in for many people. The invention of air conditioning gave Floridians a break from the relentless heat, making the state a place where everyone could thrive year-round. Here is some more history about AC’s effects on Florida’s development.

Florida Before Air

Year-round sunshine kept temperatures warm through each season. Heavy rains and periodic hurricanes were a constant feature of the summer months. Before AC systems were invented, this environment was conducive for only the hardiest of individuals, generally Native American tribes and a few white settlers willing to brave the elements to live off the land. Houses were built to keep cool by maximizing ventilation and reducing exposure to the sun. Homes often used platforms to allow airflow beneath the floors, outside trees and other foliage to shelter from the sun, and many windows to help cool the interior. Although these features helped, Florida continued to be only a part-time winter getaway for many people, who could not withstand the intense summer heat.

The Invention of Air Conditioning Systems

In 1851, John Gorrie patented a machine to make ice, but he was unsuccessful in obtaining funding to manufacture it. Over the next several decades, cooling technology adapted to develop a working air conditioner that would reliably cool indoor spaces. Even then, the technology was pricey and scarce. It wasn’t until the Carrier Company began mass-producing air conditioning units in the late 1940s and 1950s that people began to think about Florida as a comfortable place to live year-round. Now that Daikin is our leader in HVAC systems, we can enjoy the latest and greatest in energy efficient air conditioning solutions. 

World War II Migration

After World War II, air-conditioning made it possible for many soldiers, who had been stationed in Florida during the war, to return to the Sunshine State to settle down and raise families. They started businesses and built homes, incorporating air conditioning systems into the new construction.

The Florida Boom

As the Florida’s population increased, more businesses arrived with goods and services to serve the new residents. Working year-round in the intense heat was no longer a struggle, and agriculture, tourism and other industries reached into every area of the state.

Modern HVAC Units for Your Home

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