How Temperature Impacts Productivity


Don’t break a sweat. New research shows that staying warmer in the afternoon can boost your productivity at work. In a recent study, the findings from 16 corporate offices and 400 employee surveys revealed that frigid office temperatures are among the greatest sources of afternoon performance slumps. So whether you’re posted up in the office for the day, or working from home, there’s no way around it–the temperature of the room you’re in can greatly affect your level of productivity.

Does Temperature Impact Your Productivity?

A prior study conducted by Cornell University found that office temperatures of 68 degrees or below can increase employee error by 44 percent, thanks to what they have dubbed the “post-lunch dip.” Our body’s temperature and hormone levels are elevated during the early morning and evening hours. After lunchtime, between 1 and 4 in the afternoon, is when your body is at its coldest. Similar to the low body temperatures you experience while sleeping, this midday dip can cause drowsiness when working in a cold environment.

What’s the Optimal Office Temperature?

The optimal temperature for afternoon productivity is reported to be 71 degrees but remains high even up to a warm 77 degrees. Researchers at Cornell conclude that raising the office thermostat from 20 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius reduces energy consumption, lowers costs, reduces errors by 44 percent, increases employee typing efficiency by 150 percent and saves, on average, about $2 per worker in lost productivity.

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