How Do Air Conditioners Work?

How Do Air Conditioners Work

Air conditioning is one of the blessings of the modern age, enabling us to live in hot and humid climates while remaining cool when we are inside. However, AC systems are relatively complicated pieces of machinery and require the same type of attention given to any other mechanical device.

The Principle of Air Conditioning

The artificial cooling of air is based on the principle of phase conversion, in which heat absorption occurs when a liquid turns into a gas. The various parts of an air conditioner facilitate the constant evaporation of the cooling agent into a gas and its conversion back to a liquid, allowing for the ongoing production of cool air. Certain chemicals are used in AC units to assure the maximum efficiency of the conversion. The AC continues to run until the thermostat, which monitors the room temperature, senses that the air in the room is at or below the temperature setting.

The Components of an Air Conditioner

The refrigerant is contained in evaporator coils, over which warm air is blown with an internal fan. The heating of the chemical happens via a pumping device known as a compressor. Excess heat is removed using an additional set of coils and a separate fan. The evaporator is another component needed to achieve proper phase conversion.

One of the functions of any AC system is the process of dehumidification, or the removal of moisture from the air. This is important due to the relationship between heat and humidity, with warmer air capable of containing more moisture.

The Different Types of AC Units

Window AC units are efficient for cooling individual rooms or even entire homes if properly positioned. The components are built into a single container. In split-system units, some of the components are separated from the rest and placed outside the home or building. The latest AC units employ solar power or in the place of electrical power.

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