How Does Rain Affect My Air Conditioner?

How Does Rain Affect My Air Conditioner?

For those living in a subtropical region like Florida, rain affects most everything. Fortunately, a well-equipped AC system can quickly remedy many of the indoor issues homeowners encounter with rain, such as extra humidity. Since the parts of the outdoor compressor are designed to be weather resistant, most units will continue operating like normal despite heavy downpours. Yet it’s wise to be informed on how rain affects your air conditioner. Fortunately, heavy rain alone cannot impact the reliability and performance of an AC unit. However, this does not mean the system will remain unaffected by other problems that bad weather can bring. Blair’s Air is here to help Clearwater and Tampa Bay homeowners with these ways rain could potentially impact your home’s AC system.

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– 3 Ways Rain Can Affect Your Outdoor Air Conditioner –

1. Windblown Debris Can Damage AC Components

How Does Rain Affect My Air Conditioner?

Although rain most likely will not destroy an outdoor AC unit, high winds can knock foreign objects such as tree branches into the condenser fan grille, or blow leaves and other debris inside. Have a technician inspect the unit for any damage following a storm with heavy winds.

2. Flooding Ruins Electrical Elements

How Does Rain Affect My Air Conditioner?

Several inches of rainfall from should not harm an AC unit, but standing water from flooding could definitely affect it. If flood waters remain less than 15 inches deep, the water should not reach the moving parts and electrical components of the outdoor unit. If you experience more severe flooding, have an HVAC technician perform an inspection before you turn the unit back on.

3. Rain Can Lead to AC Rust and Corrosion

How Does Rain Affect My Air Conditioner?

Fortunately, rainfall will evaporate with enough ventilation. Some homeowners might want to cover the outdoor component of their AC during the off-season. However, unless the protective cover has proper ventilation, this could actually trap extra moisture inside, exposing internal components to damage from wire rot, rust, and corrosion.

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How Does Rain Affect My Air Conditioner?

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