How Does Temperature Affect Sound?

How Does Temperature Affect Sound?

If you’re a music or movie enthusiast with a serious stereo system, you may be surprised to learn how the temperature of the air in your home can affect sound. Learn some of the basics about temperature and sound below.

Science Behind Sound

Typically, sound can travel through room temperature air (about 68 degrees fahrenheit) at 344 meters per second. When the air drops to freezing temperatures, however, sound speed drops to 331.5 meters per second. This is because sound waves need mediums like air, water or solids to carry them. When heat is added to the air, molecules begin to vibrate faster, and the faster they vibrate, the faster sound travels. The density of the medium also helps, which is why sound travels faster in water than in air, and much faster through metals than through water. The basic equation for this is speed = elasticity÷density.

Sound Quality

Temperature affects not only how fast sound travels, but even the quality of musical instruments, stereos and other sound systems. Dust and pollen in the air can also affect the quality of sound, since they make the air in your home more dense. Although it’s not as crucial as removing contaminants from the air, living in a house with good, clean sound is enjoyable for both you and your houseguests.

Health and Comfort

A well-working heating and air conditioning system contributes to your home’s health and comfort. Keeping the air in your home clean and at a comfortable temperature can boost the quality of your sound system.

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