How Not to Overdose on Holiday Decorations

How Not to Overdose on Holiday Decorations

Twinkling lights, bright and shiny bows, cheerful snowmen and Santa’s reindeer are just a few of the many things that add merriment to the holiday season. For those who can hardly wait for the Christmas wonderment to take over their calendars and homes, the glittery frenzy of decorating can easily snowball into a rather large endeavor. In the midst of planning the perfect ornament exchange, organizing a cookie bake-off or selecting this year’s song list for caroling, the temptation to expand already impressive Christmas displays comes with the best of intentions. However, it is possible to celebrate the season while keeping holiday decorations at a manageable level.

Get Creative With What You Have

Before you make a visit to your local home décor or craft store, find a convenient area in your home where you can take inventory of your existing holiday decorations. Seeing everything out of boxes and grouped together by category such as outdoor displays, ornaments, napkin rings, ceramic angels, etc. can often bring about a fresh idea for this year’s plan without accumulating new items. You may have forgotten about the additions you purchased last year during the post-Christmas sales.

Settle Into a Color Scheme

Though it may be tempting to alternate themes from year to year, this can often mean purchasing and storing almost twice as much décor. Ask yourself which set brings you the most joy. Do you prefer blue and silver bells with snowmen or red berries with green and gold holly? Identify favorites and consider gifting the excess to a close family member or newly married couple just starting out.

Start a New Tradition

You may have asked Santa for a new figurine for your Christmas village collection in the past. This year, shift your focus to a different kind of gift. Perhaps you would enjoy taking a family trip together instead, or maybe going to see a theatrical performance. If you have come to the realization that you have everything you need, look for a charity or cause that resonates with you and ask friends and family members to make a donation in your name if they insist on gifting you something special.

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