How to Improve AC Efficiency

Improve AC Efficiency

Your air conditioning system is one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your home, so it’s only logical to assume you’ll want to get the most out of it, right? Unfortunately, there are lots of factors that can contribute to AC inefficiency, which ultimately results in higher energy bills and less comfort. However, there are easy ways you can improve your air conditioner’s efficiency, starting right now.

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1. Change or Clean Your AC Filter Every Month

How to Boost Your AC’s Efficiency

Air filters may be small, but they have a big job to do. Air filters are responsible for catching all of the nasty things in the air (think dander, dirt, dust and more) before they’re released into the rooms of your home. Over time, these pollutants will build up on your air filter, which is why it’s so important to change the air filter regularly. If you don’t, your system will have to work harder to provide the same cooling effect, meaning your energy bills will be higher and your efficiency lower! For good measure, change your air filter every month.

2. Install a Programmable Thermostat

How to Boost Your AC’s Efficiency

Programmable thermostats are convenient because they allow you to set different temperatures for different times of the day. This means you can use energy when you really need it and reduce your energy consumption when you don’t. Even better, you don’t even need to be home to change the settings. With today’s high-tech AC gadgets, you can pre-program your thermostat for energy savings throughout the day.

3. Schedule Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

How to Boost Your AC’s Efficiency

You know how your car needs an oil change every few thousand miles to function efficiently? Well, your air conditioner does too! Having a professional technician perform regular maintenance on your air conditioning system at least twice annually will increase your system’s overall efficiency and avoid costly repairs, too.

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How to Boost Your AC's Efficiency

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