“In most of your residential homes, your air filters are going to be located in your return air, which is usually right by your thermostat. To change your filter, you want to open this grill up. There’s usually a couple of fasteners at the top, so you simply rotate these out and pull down the grill and you can pull the filter out.

Now there’s a couple of different kinds of filters you can use. This one right here is a high efficiency filter. It has more of a solid fabric to it. The standard filters are fiberglass filters and those are usually blue in color. Those work fine, but they actually filter out a very low percentage of dust and spores and things that can get into your house.

Regardless of the filter you choose, you want to make sure you change those filters out on at least a three-month basis. If you happen to live in a particularly dusty environment, you may want to do it on a more frequent basis than that.

This is what you want your filer to look like. This particular filter has been changed recently so you can see it’s nice and white and there’s not a lot of dust. When it gets a lot of dust it will be darker in color and that’s when you know it’s time to replace it.

So when you get ready to put this back in, one thing that you want to look at is these filters actually have an airflow indication so they go back in in a particular way. You want to make sure that the airflow is in. You want the arrow pointed towards the duct. It’s easiest if you put the bottom in first and then push the top in. You’ll want to make sure it is secured at the base. Now, we can close out the grill, push the fasteners back in, and you’re ready to go.

Now in some cases, you may have a central air conditioning system that actually has the filters located in the unit itself, so that might be the one exception. You can always consult your owner’s manual to find out where those filters are.”

Replace Your Air Conditioner Filter in Clearwater, FL

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